17 JUN 2017


the singing of sirens reminds me of the times
when i was cruelly lured off course
in the fight against my own mind


10 JUN 2017

early hours

dappled orange clouds stretch out over the rising sun
what the actual fuck am i going to tell my mum


exit wound

i naively let you explore
the soft pink warmth of my core
but now you want to be removed
and it can be assumed
that you are going to leave one hell of an exit wound

19 MAY 2017

feminine care

there once was a girl with no tampon
whose vagina was getting its cramp on
she became the designer
of the pantyliner
a product she soon put her stamp on



today i tried on a dress which i didn’t entirely hate
in fact i was so impressed
i almost bought the fucker for a later date

17 MAY 2017

art form

picasso insisted that a good picture
any picture
has to be bristling with razor blades
i reflect on the image framed before me in the mirror
it has grown softer warmer pinker squishier
i resolve to view my nude form in the same way
so that those who try to treat me as their muse
will only ever get cutting reviews



is my prescription
just a medically approved addiction
for a socially constructed affliction